Useful guide when using DVI Remo
to keep track of each of your patient's jobs

This page will give you an in-depth look at what we do to each job that enters our lab and the steps necessary for producing your lenses.

1 Rx Entry The job is assigned to a tray, entered into our DVI system,  and the frame is traced in digital format for edging.
2 Frame To Come Most of the job trays that are waiting for their frame are set aside until the frame arrives, then it will begin its process.
3 Stock Room The lenses necessary for completing your order are matched with the job tray.
4 Surface Room This is where the actual power is "ground" into the lenses.  Lenses first run through our generator and then are fined & polished on our cylinder machines.
5 Step 1 Blocker After inspection, a block is adhered to the lens in preparation for the grinding.
6 Loh or Gerber Generator These machines generate the proper amount of curvature on the rear surface of the lens by cutting into the lens with diamond blade CNC machines.
7 Cylinder Machines The lenses now enter our Loh cylinder machines, where they are fined and polished.
8 Scratch Coating A scratch-resistant coating is applied to the backside of the lenses on poly and high index lenses.
9 Pre-Inspection The job is once again inspected to make sure the axis, power and prism are all within tolerance.
10 Blocking A smaller block is now adhered to the lenses upon entering the edgers.
11 Finish (Bench) Room The lenses enter the finish room and are edged to the proper size of the frame.
12 UV and Tinting If the job specifies a tint, the lenses are then tinted.
13 Zeiss Coatings -
A.R. or Mirror
If the job specifies Zeiss coating, it will enter our Zeiss department.  This rigorous process on its own can take up to 8 hours.
14 Mounting The lenses are carefully positioned into the frame and the eyewear is now properly aligned.
15 Final Inspection The job is once again inspected for the final time to make sure that everything is correct and ready to ship out.
16 Cosmetics The job is very carefully visually inspected and cleaned.
17 Shipping The job is done!  It is now ready to be shipped out.

Note:  If at anytime throughout the process a defect was detected in any lens, the job would repeat the process beginning with the stock room.



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